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Sworn To Justice


“Revenge has never been so sweet!” Cynthia Rothrock pulls out all the stops and cracks all the skulls as Janna, a fiery psychologist who works as a courtroom forensics witness by day and a kick-fighting avenger by night, using her newly-acquired, mind-bending psychic powers to track down and exact rough justice on the creeps who killed her family, while also finding time for some sweet loving with a hunky kung-fu attorney played by martial-arts star Kurt McKinney (No Retreat, No Surrender)!
In the undeniably odd action flick Sworn to Justice, the ever-amazing Rothrock not only gets to wear uncharacteristically slinky outfits, she also goes “Full Dead Zone” with her hilariously-random E.S.P. powers, and at one point, even gets to battle the bad guys using only her feet and a roll of duct tape! Throw in some ill-advised slapstick comedy, a bit of awkward romance, a scene where a bad guy holds a conversation with his brother’s burnt corpse, and some weird subplots involving such recognizable actors as Brad Douriff (Blue Velvet), Mako (Conan the Barbarian) and Walter Koenig (Star Trek’s Chekov!), and you’ve got a direct-to-video hot mess just waiting to be discovered! (Dir. by Paul Maslak, 1996, USA, 97 mins., Rated R)

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