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Supply Chain Sustainability and Resilience MasterClass


Over the past few decades, globalisation has led to increasingly-longer supply chains, as we strive for cost savings, production efficiencies and new sales territories. Whilst this can undoubtedly bring many benefits, it is not without risk. These risks have never been exposed so much as during the global health crisis of 2020. Supply chains struggled to meet increased demand for essential items, whilst costly infrastructure often lay unused as the demand for non-essential items collapsed. These events have forced many organisations to re-appraise their supply chains, often re-engineering them to increase their robustness and resilience to rapidly-changing environments.

Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or consumer, continuity and consistency of supply is critical in today’s highly-competitive, global marketplace. This course will help you to identify supply chain risk factors, assess the vulnerability of your supply chains and implement successful measures to ensure that your business remains healthy through times of change.

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