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Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation


Mondo Mondays celebrates the Best of All Howards, CLINT HOWARD, and it’s going to get a little weird up in here!
“And if I die before I wake … thank you.” An evil coven of witches and some giant cockroaches pretty much ruin the holidays in this totally unrelated, in-name-only sequel that serves it up hot, wiggly and weird, with a side order of shirtless Clint Howard at no extra charge!
In Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation (which wisely decides to sever all ties with the previous three films, thus making this the Halloween 3: Season of the Witch of the Silent Night, Deadly Night Killer Santa franchise), an intrepid young news reporter named Kim, who is tired of being kept down by her male co-workers, decides to go out on her own to investigate the bizarre Christmas season death of a woman who jumped off a roof and burst into flames. Kim wants answers, dammit, but she may not like what she finds. The trail of this mysterious “internal combustion case” leads her to an L.A. bookstore run by Fima (played by Octopussy herself, Maude Adams), who, it turns out, leads a modern-day, ultra-feminist coven/death cult dedicated to eradicating men and worshipping the Egyptian goddess, Isis. Before you can say “WTF?,” Kim learns the cult has selected her to become the hostess with the mostess for a reincarnated Isis on Christmas Eve, and she’s going to be their new queen, which sounds a lot more glamorous than it turns out to be, what with all the giant cockroaches hiding under her bed, the awkward blood rituals, the slimy monster maggots on the loose, and a scenery-chewing Clint Howard as Ricky, a lecherous creep who serves as the female cult’s male slave, handyman and occasional sex toy. Think it will all make sense in the end? Think again! Directed by horror vet Brian Yuzna (Society), featuring a cult-bait cast including Reggie Bannister (Phantasm) and Jeanne Bates (Mom), and splattered with icky, gross-out body horror practical effects by Screaming Mad George (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master), this one will make you wish you just celebrated Festivus every year! (Dir. by Brian Yuzna, 1990, USA, 90 mins., Rated R)

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