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School of Theatre, Film & Television – Undergraduate Research Symposium


Our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium event showcases outstanding research papers of undergraduate students at the School of Theatre, Film & Television. This year the event has moved online! Over the course of several days starting Wednesday April 15, the research papers of fifteen student finalists will be made available to read at

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, where we will post when each panel goes live. The symposium will conclude on April 24 with an announcement of generous prizes for student winners from each of the four panels. Mark your calendars and join us as we celebrate the work of our students!


Panel 1 | The Savage Domestic | April 15, 2020

– Sophia Goodin, BFA Theatre Production – Professional Actor Training
— She Persists: An Examination of Women’s Roles in Classical Drama
– Maggie McNeil, BFA Theatre Production – Professional Actor Training
— Buon Giorno, Commedia dell’Arte!
– Linda Paola Varela Sánchez, BFA Film & Television
— Sexploitation Statements: Analyzing Films by Doris Wishman Women’s Roles

Panel 2 | Violence and Entertainment | April 17, 2020

– Kate Gross, BA Film & Television
— An Analysis of Ethics and Morality in Spielberg’s Wartime Dramas
– Zoe Keeter, BA Theatre Studies
— Safety in Blood
– Hannah Landreville Miller, BA Film & Television
— ‘Born on the Fourth of July’: Oliver Stone and the Vietnam War
– Tyler Godowski, BA Theatre Studies
— Theatre in Chains: The Influence of Slavery on the Theatre

Panel 3 | Making a Movement | April 20, 2020

– Joann Kohng, BA Film & Television
— Korean New Wave: The Influence of South Korean Cinema Following International Success
– Abigail Dunscomb, BA Theatre Studies
— A World With and Without Will
– Tiffany Gordon, BA Theatre Studies
— Ain’t it Funny: Marginalized and Mute

Panel 4 | Resistances | April 22, 2020

– Megan Wiese, BFA Theatre Production – Design and Technical Production
— Justice and Mercy: History and Religious Ambiguity in Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’
– Aria Levin, BA Theatre Studies
— Spotlight on Social Change: Bringing the People to the Stage
– Bergen Borer, BA Film & Television
— Resistance in Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’

Announcement of URS2020 Winners | April 24, 2020

All online premieres are free to view.

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