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Rewiring the Body and Mind: A non-residential meditation retreat with Stephanie Nash


Friday evening (7PM – 9PM) will be a general introduction to the retreat, and an opportunity to get acquainted.
Saturday (9AM-4PM) will focus on “rewiring the body” and will begin with a sitting posture clinic and feature continued check-ins throughout the day, and delving into strategies for working with unhelpful physical habits and discomforts in sitting. Meditations focusing on physical experience will also be explored.
Sunday (9AM-4PM) will focus on “rewiring the mind”, delving into habits of thinking, judging, complaining, worrying, regretting, and so on, how these habits create neuropathways in the brain, and exploring strategies for letting go of old, unhelpful thinking habits and replacing them with those we would like to cultivate.
TEACHER: Stephanie Nash is a Mindfulness Coach and Integrative Counselor who has been teaching mindfulness for 18 years. She has worked closely with Shinzen Young since 1998 – including teaching mindfulness for the Harvard Medical School brain study. Stephanie’s meditations will be featured on the soon to-be-released Brightmind App based on Shinzen’s methods. She is author of the popular Posture-pedia guide now used by meditation teachers and centers around the world
Paid in advance: $55 for the weekend, $10 for Friday only. At the door $65 for the weekend and $12 for Friday. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay. Stephanie’s compensation will come from requested donations.
Register Online
or Send Check Payable to TCMC, along with your name, phone number, and email address to: PO Box 43415, Tucson, Arizona 85733. Questions can be addressed to: 520-240-5065

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