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PSD2 MasterClass


Our PSD2 masterclass provides a crystal clear understanding of the regulatory framework and international best practice examples of the business side of open banking in the European Economic Area.

Banking is under dual change and challenge:

There is significant macroeconomic pressure motivating banks and bankers to find their internal reserves of efficiency. This pressure is still around originating from 2008 reviving, culminating, multiplying, and amplifying in conjunction with COVID-19 challenges.
There is a new market structure brewing and being born, dominated by excellence in technology and agility in market delivery. This new market structure has multiple dimensions: new core clientele, new channels, new products, new positioning, new risks, new competitors, and new potential business partners.
Addressing this dual challenge of macro pressure and market structure it is paramount that you as leading banks and bankers are actively winning key market opportunities instead of only playing defense and passively hedging existential risks.

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