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Omega Cop


“He’s the Toughest Cop Alive … He’s the Only Cop Alive!” What exactly IS an Omega Cop? According to this brain-fried post-apocalyptic action flick, he’s the last (and thus, the best) cop alive – a cop who drives a Jeep, lives in a baseball dugout, and takes orders from a profusely sweating Adam West. The year is 1999, and the world has been devastated by global warming.
John Travis (“dad bod” martial artist Ron Marchini) is part of a team of aptly-named “Special Police,” run by Chief Prescott (a distracted, give-me-my-paycheck West, who never gets off the phone or leaves his cramped office). These future cops patrol the post-apocalyptic wasteland, listening to loud surf music and fighting “The Scavs,” a gang of not-so-threatening, leather-clad baddies. While on a mission to bust up a sex slave auction run by a pudgy punk Scav named Wraith, Travis’ team is completely wiped out, thus leaving Travis as … wait for it … THE ONLY COP ALIVE! Trying to escape exposure to nasty, post-apocalyptic solar flares that drive people insane (kind of like what happens to viewers who watch this movie), Travis, along with two women he has rescued from sex slavery, hides out in his space-age bachelor pad (a creepy baseball dugout with a human skeleton in it), and then makes a run for Montana, where there is apparently an abundance of fresh air and water, all the while battling the dastardly Wraith and his minions, because, well, because the script says so! Featuring lots of hilariously clumsy fight choreography, ludicrous dialogue, cameos by Stuart Whitman as the Omega Doctor and Troy Donahue as an angry dad, and a doomsday warning voiceover delivered by a clearly disinterested Adam West that kicks off the movie with a whimper instead of a bang, Omega Cop (which was actually followed by a sequel called Karate Cop) proves that the future might be terrible, but probably not half as wonderfully terrible as this movie! (Dir. by Paul Kyriazi, 1990, USA, 87 mins., Rated R)

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