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Mystical Transformational Wisdom Studies

Mystical Transformational Wisdom Program

Ancient practices that take us beyond this paradigm for comprehensive development of our capabilities for ourselves, and all our relations. This is a 18-month program. Meets two times a month for 16 months, August 14, 2024-March 2026. Lecture, demonstration, practices, homework, ethics, and individual and group content. • Human and other than human energy; conducting, building, managing, clearing & transforming energy. And understanding our energy system
• Advancing the Quantum Field
• Sacred Ancient Sound Codes & Heightening intuition
• Activate epigenetic responses
• Different methods of sound healing applications for heightening consciousness
• Upleveling for our physical body, mind and emotions, and expansive spiritual connection that boosts the immune system, diminishes stress, increases mental and emotional regulation, and deepens our heart connection and compassion while building resilience, and insight, creativity, and intuition.
• Honoring the ancestors and those who have passed & connecting to our lineages
• Upleveling, purification, and healing
• Consciousness acceleration, dimensions, building integrity, expanding into the dreamtime and more. Go to the Mystical Studies Transformational Wisdom Program at the URL below for more information.

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Grants Lab
Grants Lab
August 14 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Joel D. Valdez Main Library
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Achieve Your Homeownership Dreams!
Every Tuesday | 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Dunbar Pavilion

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