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Living Superior, Arizona From 1930 to 1950


Living Superior, Arizona From 1930 to 1950 tells the history of an Arizona mining town. Located in the central part of the state, the town was home to the Magma mine, owned by the Magma Copper Company. The underground copper mine operated continuously from 1910-1982 and was one of the most productive mines in US history. The book merges into a single narrative the oral histories of 15 persons who were born between 1923-1934 and lived in Superior between 1930-1950. Combining these stories yields a more corroborated history of the town.

Supplementing the narrative are historic descriptions of the town and mine, a sociological analyses of relationships and community solidarity, the segregation experienced by Mexican, Caucasian, Native American and African American residents, and phenomenological exposition of the human meaning of underground mining.

Joaquin Trujillo holds a PhD in Sociology from Florida International University. He specializes in hermeneutics, cybernetics, logotherapy and ethnography. His scientific research has labored to render basic aspects of human persons and living in contemporary and historical settings. The overarching theme of his recent scientific work has been the exposition of thinking and meaning embodied in decision, social action, and language. His research articles are regularly published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Dr. Trujillo formerly served as a U.S. Federal Government Officer.
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