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Landfill Monsters and Other ARTtrocities: Art Exhibit


Landis Kearnon’s recycled and up-cycled artwork is on display in the glass cases and windowed room of the Joel D. Valdez Main Library.

Artist Statement:
I Art therefore I am.

I Am therefore I was and always will be … Art.

Several media have held me in their sway in this life: music, lyrics, short stories, autobiography, fashion design, fabric painting, drawing and sculpture. Music performance and band choreography kept me in motion, circling the planet for optimum advantage … and finding it; the other media held me in place or shifted me shorter distances, like pieces on a chessboard.

And, somewhere in the course of all this creative motion and stillness, I went green. A fairly pale shade of green at the beginning in the nineteen-seventies, but like most growing things – trees, for instance – my coloration has deepened. What I now call Abtrash Expressionism – as I so coined the making of art from trash and only trash (adhesives excepted) – is an endeavor of the last decade only. The ante just recently got upped, however, when I learned all our landfill trash and much of our recycling was routinely being purchased by and shipped to China but now would no longer be welcome there.

I can state that for the last two years, no trash of my making has gone to the landfill. Hear that, Mother?

Nothing Goes to the Landfill.

Such is my promise to myself and my promise to the planet.

Thus far, I am only able to keep my own trash (and a few found pieces) from going to the landfill. But maybe my humble Landfill Monsters and Other ARTrocities exhibit will inspire one or two others – who will perhaps inspire one or two million others in turn – to creatively put their refuse to planet-sustaining, eco-friendly reuse.

May it so come to pass.

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