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Honor and Glory


“Two tough and hot sisters locked in a deadly game!” Cynthia Rothrock is FBI agent Tracy Pride, scorpion-kicking her way through a wacked out plot filled with low-rent intrigue and high-octane action as she joins forces with her intrepid news reporter sister to take down a nasty, James Bond-esque supervillain named Jason Slade, who dreams of using a stolen nuclear trigger to bring about an apocalyptic end to cheesy action flicks forever!
Packed full of face-busting fights, hilariously cringe-inducing attempts at sister-bonding melodrama, an unforgettably OTT performance by John Miller as the insane, testosterone-oozing villain (whose overdone facial expressions, Village People-inspired workout outfits and silent screaming deserve some sort of award), and a side-splitting scene in which Rothrock’s sister high-kicks a coke can into an irate woman’s head(!), Honor and Glory is a real tasty mess from legendary mondo movie director Godfrey Ho (Robo Vampire). (Dir. Godfrey Ho, 1993, USA/Hong Kong, in English/Cantonese with English subtitles, 84 mins., Rated R)

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