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“Captives … forced to submit to the ultimate experiment!” What happens when a bewildered blonde is pursued by a frizzy-haired killer and trapped in a wacky Asylum for Women where mandatory shower fights, sadistic socializing and forced lobotomies are always on the agenda? Find out in the greasy trash-fest, Hellhole!
Poor Susan (Judy Landers, star of Dr. Alien, and one half of the Landers Sisters of ’80 TV fame). She’s a bleached blonde valley girl who just wants to have fun, spending her days enjoying low-impact aerobics and hardcore mall shopping. Until one day she witnesses her mother being murdered by a malicious freak named Silk. Hoping to escape the same fate, Susan accidentally falls out of a window and winds up with amnesia in a spooky mental hospital for women (where every patient looks suspiciously like an airbrushed Playboy Playmate). Soon, the psychotic Silk is going undercover as an orderly to stalk poor, dimwitted Susan (who never, ever seems to exercise anything resembling good judgment), just to make sure she doesn’t regain her memory and finger him for the police, while Susan is forced to keep herself busy trying to steer clear of the evil Dr. Flanders (a wildly over-the-top Mary Woronov, Death Race 2000), a vicious medical psychopath who loves to drag her patients to the basement, affectionately referred to by the hospital staff as “Hellhole,” where she can perform unauthorized lobotomies that convert them into full-blown sex zombies! If this all sounds too good to be true … it is! A rabidly sloppy hybrid of women-in-prison flick, hospital horror thriller and T&A sex romp, Hellhole is a goldmine of genuine sleaze and awfulness, with big hair, shower fights, topless mud baths, sexual shenanigans, needles in the neck, secret documents hidden in spaghetti sauce and, of course, those lobotomized sex zombies all competing for your attention. Add a cheesy synth score, highly implausible plotting and scenery-chewing performances by a full roster of ‘80s trash movie icons like Robert Z’Dar (Maniac Cop), Ray Sharkey (Dead On: Relentless 2), Marjoe Gortner (Star Crash) and Edy Williams (Chained Heat), and Hellhole has really got it all! (Dir. by Pierre de Moro, USA, 1985, 90 mins., Rated R)

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