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“She’ll blow you away!” Get ready to explode with Firecracker (aka Naked Fist), a supremely sleazy, highly entertaining slice of kung fu exploitation cinema directed by Filipino junk master Cirio H. Santiago, creator of such sex-and-action classics as Naked Vengeance, Caged Fury and The Devastator.
In Firecracker (Santiago’s even trashier remake of his own already pretty trashy Blaxploitation flick TNT Jackson), we meet perky Susie Carter (martial artist Jillian Kesner, who as an actress is … well, a great martial artist), who has traveled to the Philippines in order to find her missing sister. After numerous battles (including one with a snake), some seriously sloppy investigative work, and romantic complications with a feather-haired male sex object/marital arts instructor (Darby Hinton, Malibu Express), Susie discovers that her sis has been murdered, so guess what? It’s revenge time! What follows is a brain-freezing onslaught of dumb dialogue, out-of-control mustaches, lotsa lovemaking and much butt-kicking kung fu, most involving Susie in various states of undress. With her feet, fists AND flipping blonde hair serving as registered deadly weapons, Susie will stop at absolutely nothing to light her firecracker, take down the bad guys and deliver the hilarious B-movie goods! (Dir. by Cirio H. Santiago, 1981, USA/Philippines, 77 mins., Rated R)

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