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Doctor Butcher, M.D.


“He’s a depraved, homicidal killer … and he makes house calls!” Meet Doctor Butcher, M.D., a true Medical Deviate whose bedside manner consists of murder, mayhem and mutilation, in this infamous, unbelievable exploitation flick that set an insane standard for Italian mad doctor/zombie/cannibal carnage splatter movies in the ‘80s!
A badly re-edited cut of the Italian horror film Zombie Holocaust intended for release to American drive-ins, Doctor Butcher M.D. finds Dr. Peter Chandler (Ian McCulloch of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie) and anthropologist Lori Ridgeway (Alexandra Delli, The New York Ripper) investigating a series of grisly incidents in which bodies around New York City hospitals are discovered partially eaten. The pair trace these nasty nibblings to hospital employees who hail from an island in Indonesia. Before you can say “This is probably a terrible idea,” they board a plane and head to the Maluku Islands, where they find cannibals, zombies and Dr. Obrero (Donald O’Brien, Ghosthouse), the wild-eyed “Doctor Butcher” of the title, who is attempting to find the secret to eternal life via his bloody ridiculous experiments on unwilling humans. A fabulously wrong-headed nightmare overflowing with graphic gore, copious nudity, stumbling zombies, atrocious dubbing, wild overacting, comical synth music, and a totally whack-a-doo vibe of unrestrained, gut-stained gusto that could only come from the Italian horror industry of the 1980s (lucky audiences during the film’s initial run were issued an official vomit bag with each ticket purchased), Doctor Butcher, M.D. is perfect Mondo medicine for whatever ails you! (Dir. by Marino Girolami, 1980, Italy, badly dubbed in English, 84 mins., Rated R)

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