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Cenorina Ramirez: August Featured Artist


The art of Cenorina Ramirez will be featured on the gallery walls during regular library hours.

Artist Statement:
My art’s purpose has always been to illustrate my experiences. Depicting my experiences is a political act when my identity is often marginalized or completely erased. I like to depict nontraditional self- portraits that often are abstract in its nature and are more about the process. As an interdisciplinary artist my exploration of various mediums always focuses on demonstrating how social issues affect identity, and the ways in which art can be used in healing.

To me, art is personal. My art is about my relationship with its creation; that process. There are many phases a piece goes through, each its own experience. Just like our experiences form who we are. As an immigrant, as a Chicana, as an undocumented queer individual I’ve gotten to question my identity in all the ways I can. When I create my art I bring out my personal explorations of identity and my analysis of the experiences that have gotten me to where I am now. This means my work focuses of depicting the experiences of the lower class, immigrants, the marginalized.

The work sampled here includes prints, where I focused on depicting solitude through my siblings’ teenage experiences. I tie in imagery of the desert and broken items. My father is a vendor at the Tohono O’odham Swap meet and he has been doing that type of work to make a living since I can remember. I depict the immigrant struggle. Through my personal project, Mi Casita Press, I create work meant for QTPOC (Queer and Trans People of Color) to inspire healing and empowerment, and connection through culture and community.

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