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“Driven to Extinction. Back for Revenge!” Roger Corman rips-off Jurassic Park and uncorks a cheaper, sillier, bloodier and far crazier dino-mess filled with big rampaging puppets, squishy carnage, and loads of pre-hysterical fun with big pointy teeth! Eat your heart out, Steven Spielberg!
What’s that you say? There’s a movie about women who eat genetically modified eggs and become pregnant, only to give birth to vicious baby dinosaurs? Why yes, that IS a movie, and it’s called Carnosaur! Extremely mad scientist Dr. Jane Tiptree (Oscar-nominated actress Diane Ladd, ironically, the mother of Jurassic Park star Laura Dern) is fed up with this world as we know it, so she naturally decides her only option is to cultivate eggs from chickens that have been genetically spliced with dino DNA, so that when women eat the eggs, they will become pregnant with baby dinosaurs. According to her wild B-movie plan, when the women die during childbirth, Dr. Tiptree’s ensuing little “Carnosaurs” will grow up and devour all humans, thus returning Earth to its prehistoric heyday. For some reason, only an eco-friendly hippie named Ann (nickname, “Thrush”) and a boozy night security guard named “Doc” are able to try and save the world from the Jurassic menace, as big toothy dino sock-puppets stumble around spreading terror and severed body parts all across the land, leading to a very ridiculous, but still pretty cool, finale that manages to add an Aliens rip-off to the rest of the mess. Throw in Clint Howard as a creepy, diner-dwelling bum who both scares customers AND faces off against a nasty dino, and you’ve got yourself a movie! Released the same year as Jurassic Park, but actually beating Spielberg’s big-budget blockbuster to theatres by a whole month and simply sponging off that movie’s massive pre-release marketing campaign (now THAT’S how to do a rip-off right!), Carnosaur is highly entertaining hooey that inspired two sequels and is guaranteed to make you stop eating eggs … for a least a couple of days, anyway. (Dir. by Adam Simon/Darren Moloney, 1993, USA, 93 mins., Rated R)

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