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Bella Hart


Psychic Dogs: Lecture and Slideshow with Dr. Paul Koudounaris
Tucson, AZ
March 24 7 pm
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Four of Wands, 4349 E. Broadway 85711
Throughout history, there have been undeniable cases of unexplained or psychic phenomena involving dogs. We’re talking about the real deal–genuine and verified occurences that make you question how we communicate and perceive knowledge. Award winning author and occult historian Paul Koudounaris will talk about this history, accompanied by a slideshow of images. Learn about Kurwenal, from Weimar, Germany, history’s most eloquent dog. And Jim the Wonder Dog from Missouri, who could even answer questions in Morse Code, and many others. How can we determine which cases might be genuine instances of advanced intellect, and which are frauds? And what about cases of dogs that supposedly reappear as ghosts, or communicate from beyond the grave? Specific case histories and present theories on them so that you can draw your own conclusions. All-in-all, this lecture will be a strange but riveting journey through canine history.

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