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June 23, 2014 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Arizona Humanities Council Presents – “Father Kino: Journey to Discovery”

Himmel Park Public Library

Father Kino has been most often associated with San Xavier del Bac Mission south of Tucson, but there is much more to learn about him. This presentation will concentrate on Father Kino’s many expeditions and discoveries into the Pimería Alta, today’s southern Arizona and northern Sonora.

His skills as a mathematician earned him the title of royal cosmographer by the New Spain’s Viceroy. He made multiple explorations of the Pimería Alta and these journeys, on horseback or on foot, resulted in the first detailed map of the area. His map was so accurate that other map makers tried to claim it for themselves.

Father Kino made over 40 expeditions in the Pimería Alta and his detailed records in diaries of these travels have given scholars insight into the culture and geography of those areas. He often used trails known only to the indigenous people. Routes he traveled include the waterless Camino del Diablo and into what is presently called Baja California where he determined that the land mass was a peninsula and a land route to California. Presented by Barbara Jaquay.