Amplify KXCI!

Website-Amplify-LogoThank you so much for your consideration in support of our campaign to Amplify KXCI!. Your commitment and generosity are appreciated. Together, we will carry on as a truly indispensable resource for the entire community. As of February 2015  we have raised more than $565,000 from our Board, Staff, Campaign Committee and key community investors like you. This has allowed us to order and install our new transmitter and antenna to expand our signal area and strength.

To build upon our expanded signal, we  now focus on advancing our capacity  to improve KXCI’s sound quality and broadcast chain integrity through updates to current technology in our physical studios which is long overdue. We also intend to make necessary building improvements which will protect our cultural, material and human assets. We plan to install a new roof, efficient heating/cooling, and create a space which is greener and more accessible while retaining its historic character.

We are working now to raise the necessary funds to move the campaign forward because we are dedicated to our long term sustainability so that we can reach and serve more of Tucson and Southern Arizona.

With our expanded capacity, we look forward to strengthening our existing community relationships and cultivating exciting new partnerships so that we can grow together to help preserve Tucson and Southern Arizona’s unique heritage and cultural treasures.

Thank you again! If you have any questions about the Amplify KXCI! campaign please do not hesitate to call our Community Engagement/Development Director  Amanda Shauger at 520-623-1000 x 17 or