Amplify KXCI!

Website-Amplify-LogoThank you so much for your consideration in support of our campaign to Amplify KXCI! Your commitment and generosity are appreciated. Together, we will carry on as a truly indispensable resource for the entire community. As of February 2016  we have raised more than $700,000 in pledges from our Board, Staff, Campaign Committee and key community investors like you. This has allowed us to order and install our new transmitter and antenna to expand our signal area and strength.

KXCI Community Radio began as a vision shared by people who yearned to have a radio station that would share the great music and information missing in our community. That dream came to fruition through the tireless efforts of passionate community members coming together and in December 1983 KXCI began its first legendary broadcast of the history of sound. Since 1983, KXCI Community Radio has been a vital part of the fabric of Southern Arizona. More than 3,000 members make financial contributions to our annual budget and 30,000 listeners tune in each week! We started the Amplify KXCI campaign to be able to serve more listeners with a higher level of service.

In addition to our improving our signal, the goals of Amplify KXCI include updating and improving our office and broadcast technologies, and restoring and maintaining our historic Armory Park Home. Your gift to Amplify KXCI leads the way to go above and beyond day to day operations and allows us to reach new heights!

Here are some of our favorite recent improvements that your gift has made possible:

  • Increased listeners by more than 2,000 people.
  • Increased our membership numbers to 3,000- more ears means more people are contributing to our annual fund than ever before!
  • Increased our grant funding by $48,800.
  • Restored and painted the front of the KXCI house and placed a new sign for easy viability.

KXCI is improving our technology.

  • For the 1st time KXCI created “listen now” content- you can listen to the programs you want, whenever you want for up to two weeks.
  • Broadcast the Tucson Folk Fest Live because of our improved internet.
  • We on boarded four new podcasts and two new radio programs.

KXCI has been recognized by our wider community!

  • KXCI was nominated for a Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce Cactus Copper award as an outstanding local nonprofit.
  • Tucson Weekly readers voted KXCI as “Best Radio Station for Music” for the 2nd time in a row
  • Tucson Weekly staff featured KXCI as a number one local organization for year-end giving.

 KXCI has created and nurtured exciting new partnerships!

  • We partnered with Brink Media and WaveLab Recording Studios to formCreative Tucson to keep community television channel 20 and the City channel 12 independent media.
  • We partnered with the City of Tucson Transportation Department to create community events on the Sun Link Street Car.

 KXCI has exciting new plans on the horizon!

With our expanded capacity, we look forward to strengthening our existing community relationships and cultivating exciting new partnerships so that we can grow together to help preserve Tucson and Southern Arizona’s unique heritage and cultural treasures. Admittedly we still have more work to do to better synchronize our two transmitters- and we are involving Tucson’s best broadcast engineers to help us.

Your continued support will bring many more exciting plans to fruition in 2016. Please feel free to reach out to me for more information. Thank-you again for your leadership, commitment and dedication to KXCI. Together, we will make 2016 the best year ever for KXCI. I invite you to come in and see your investment in action. 

With deep and sincere appreciation,

Cathy Rivers

Executive Director, KXCI 91.3 FM

520-623-1000 ext. 12

To build upon our expanded signal, we now focus on advancing our capacity  to improve KXCI’s sound quality and broadcast chain integrity through updates to current technology in our physical studios which is long overdue. We also intend to make necessary building improvements which will protect our cultural, material and human assets. We plan to install a new roof, efficient heating/cooling, and create a space which is greener and more accessible while retaining its historic character.

We are working now to raise the necessary funds to move the campaign forward because we are dedicated to our long term sustainability so that we can reach and serve more of Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Thank you again! If you have any questions about the Amplify KXCI! campaign please do not hesitate to call our Community Engagement/Development Director  Amanda Shauger at 520-623-1000 x 17 or