Summer Youth Classes 2016

KXCI 2012 Kid Class GraduateThanks for your interest in our KXCI 2016 Youth Classes. Just click on this link to download 2016 Youth Summer Class Information and Registration.

Our first class will be for teens ages 13 to 16  and takes place Monday, June 6th thru Thursday June 9th from 10am to 1pm. Each student will showcase their efforts in broadcast on Sunday, June 12th.

Fees: Ages 13-17 for Week of June 6

Registration before June 1st : KXCI Member family $100; Registration before June 1st : Non-Member family $125

Registration after June 1st : KXCI member family, $125; Registration after June 1st : Non-member family, $150 (Membership starts at $35/year)

Fees: Ages 9-12 for Week of July 25TH THIS SESSION IS FILLED, WAITLIST ONLY Our class for youth ages 9 to 12 takes place Monday July 25th through Thursday, July  28th from 9am to noon. Each student will showcase their efforts in broadcast on Sunday July 31st.

Registration before July 1st : KXCI Member family $100; Registration before July 1st : Non-Member family $125

Registration after July 1st : KXCI member family, $125; Registration after July 1st : Non-member family, $150 (Membership starts at $35/year)


Here are some “Shomos” (Show+Promotions) made from our  first session of 2015 Youth Broadcasters!

KXCI is pleased to offer summer dj training programs for youth. This is a hands on class where students receive an introduction to: broadcast equipment and rules, music appreciation and selection, creating music sets, and public speaking.

 The classes will be taught by KXCI DJs Rick Small and Bridgitte Thum at the KXCI studios during regular business and broadcast hours. We strive to have fun in our classes and we are delighted to be able to show students our offices and studios. The classes take place during our regular business hours, so it is important that the regular day to day operating of the station is not compromised by raucous behavior. It is also important that students support each other in learning, and not interfere with each other.

Your child needs to be able to attend all of the DJ classes in their entirety for that week. Students cannot be dropped off more than 15 minutes ahead of classes and they must be picked up promptly within 15 minutes of the end of classes.

For the “live broadcast” it is necessary for the student to come one hour before his/her scheduled broadcast time to be able to prepare for the show.

Although we realize many youth listen to music on mp3 players, smart phones, and computers, students will need to use cds or albums to broadcast their music. We have lots of cds and records to choose from. However, we don’t have everything, so if there is something that your child wants to play that we don’t have, you will be responsible for burning it on to a disc. We’ll go over this in class, but students cannot play more than 3 songs from any one artist during their show. Additionally, students cannot play music with curse words in them. Beware of live cds.

Students should have an interest and curiosity about music, speaking and technical skills. This isn’t a class to push your child into. If you have a passion for these things, you should consider signing up for one of our adult dj classes which will resume in the fall.

During the broadcast, we will have a listening area set up for parents, friends and family members with light refreshments. You will not be able to be in the broadcast area while your child is preparing for his/her show or in the broadcast booth. Being on the radio for the first time is nerve wracking enough without the pressure of loved ones crowding in the studio. We can take a picture of your student at the helm that we will be able to send you digitally.

We all are used to listening to radio whenever we want to, but most of us don’t have any idea of the work that goes into making a seamless show. Very few people are “naturals” at being a dj. It requires time, talent and commitment to continue to improve as a dj. It is important for youth to do the best that they can, but to also recognize that mistakes will be made. This is only an introductory class to develop an appreciation of radio. If your student has taken the class, he or she will be able to build on skills already acquired.

We serve light snacks each day. If your child has specific dietary needs or requirements, you should provide the appropriate snacks for your child.

We strive to accommodate everyone at KXCI, but we are a small station with limited resources and limited staff. We are not always best equipped to be able to handle certain situations. If your child has special needs, please discuss them with us before registration so that we can determine whether we can meet that need and/or so that we can all come up with a strategy to best meet that need.