Tucson’s Action Against Victim Blaming

International-Day-of-Action On September 7th, 2013, Tucsonans gathered at Winsett Park to join an International Day of Action against victim blaming, slut shaming and rape culture. Organized by SlutWalk Tucson and others, the event was MCd by local human rights activist Leilani Clark who described her survivorship and resiliency. SlutWalk Tucson formed in 2011 to challenge victim blaming (the mindset that anyone who gets raped did something to deserve it). Today’s 30 Minutes features excerpts from Tucson’s International Day of Action beginning with Prevention Program Supervisor at Southern AZ Center Against Sexual Assault Rowan Frost, followed by Leilani Clark and an open mic.

SlutWalk Tucson’s next event takes place November 16th.