Kettles of Soaring Birds

101_2673 Southeastern Arizona is full of change in the fall and the migration of many bird species to and from the region is part of that change.¬† Sandhill Cranes arrive in the Sulphur Springs Valley. Northern Harriers arrive as well, as Turkey Vultures leave. A kabillion (maybe a zillion) species of sparrows arrive¬† and it’s time to get out your field guide and bone up on those marvelous small gray or brown seed eaters.

The migration of Swainson’s hawks is also part of the great seasonal change. Swainson’s Hawks migrate from as far away as western Canada on their way to the tip of South America. Many of the hawks flying as far as 14,000 miles. Our local Swainson’s join in for the flight to Argentina and we won’t see them until next spring when they come on home to breed and raise some youngsters. It’s all very exciting and I think a field trip to southeastern Arizona in the fall is a good idea.