Border Patrol Nation Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security by Todd Miller

Border-Patrol-Nation-Book Todd Miller discusses his upcoming new book Border Patrol Nation available in February from City Lights Books. For the past 15 years Todd Miller has researched, written about, and worked on immigration and border issues from both sides of the U.S. Mexico divide for organizations such as BorderLinks, Witness for Peace, and NACLA. He did the brunt of this work in Tucson, Arizona and Oaxaca, Mexico, with New York City sprinkled in. Between Tucson and the Buffalo/Niagara Falls region of New York state where he grew up, he has spent the majority of his life close to the U.S. international boundary, south and north. His work has appeared in Tom Dispatch, Mother Jones, The Nation, CounterPunch, Upside Down World, The Providence Journal, The Indypendent, Guernica, Al Jazeera English, NarcoNews, NACLA Report on the Americas, and Common Dreams among other places. You can catch Todd Miller at a GUAMAP benefit on Saturday, October 5th at St. Andrews. GUAMAP sends Spanish-speaking acupuncturists and other health care volunteers equipped with a full range of medicines, needles, teaching tools and treatment supplies to selected villages in northern Guatemala.