Jameson Clay Koweek and the Bootgaze Band, Hank Topless, and Loveland

On March 19, 2012, we handed the keys to Studio 2A over to the Donkey-Man himself, Jameson Clay Koweek, for a country jamboree feature the Bootgaze Band, Hank Topless, and Loveland. You can now download or stream their Performance and Interview. (right-click on the link to download to your computer). Find out more about Hank Topless on his website. Find out more about Loveland on their website. To find out more about Clay, track him down and buy him a drink.

Performers – Jameson Clay Koweek (Vocals, Guitar), Hank Topless (Vocals, Guitar), David Bryan (Vocals), Ryen Eggleston (Bass), Connor Gallaher (Pedal Steel Guitar), Damon Barnaby (Guitar), Andrew Collberg (Drums).

Engineer: Carl Johnson

Producer: Matt Milner