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Flagrante Delicto

August 3rd, 2009, I hosted Flagrante Delicto Live in Studio 2A. You can now download the Flagrante Delicto Studio 2A Performance and Interview. (right-click on the link to download to your computer)Performers: Erik Ketchup, Aharon Wonky, Adam Scott, Nate Teufel, Chris Halvorsen, Shaun Harris, Mike Thomas, and Miles BartlettEngineers: Ginger Doran and Brett LangeProducer: Dan… Read more »

The El Camino Royales

The El Camino Royales (Photo Credit: JL Manser, June 8th, 2009, the marvelous Mel Mason hosted The El Camino Royales on Locals Only, Live in Studio 2A. You can now download the The El Camino Royales Studio 2A Performance and Interview. (right-click on the link to download to your computer)Performers: Michael P. Nordberg, Andrew… Read more »

Creosote – February 4th, 2008

Fronted by longtime Tucson musician Jason Steed, Creosote epitomizes the dusty americana sub-genre that many like to refer to as “desert rock.” Their sound is reminiscent of other rock-n-country locals like Greyhound Soul and Fourkiller Flats, but also calls to mind great national acts like Slobberbone and Wilco. Creosote has one full-length album, Blacksmoke, to… Read more »

Golden Boots – January 28th, 2008

2007 was a successful year for Tucson’s Golden Boots, as they released the full-length album Burning Brain, were signed to Pennsylvania-based Park the Van Records (home to Dr. Dog, and The Teeth, among others), and toured extensively with Magnolia Electric Co., while continuing to build upon their stellar reputation here in the Old Pueblo. 2008… Read more »

The Swigs – January 21st, 2008

Fronted by long-time local musician Kevin Henderson, The Swigs manage to fuse jam-band improvisation with classic rock grooves to create a fun aural experience. While Kevin Henderson released his own ambitious double-CD, Watch Your Head, on his Sapient Records label earlier this year, The Swigs are woodshedding and getting ready to record their own full-length… Read more »

Fort Worth – December 3rd, 2007

I’ll plagiarize myself when summing up Forth Worth… in a blog post earlier this year, I stated: To the best of my knowledge, Fort Worth has only played one or two gigs in the entire 2 years of their existence. So if you don’t see them tonight, I can’t make any promises about when you’ll… Read more »

Naim Amor – November 26, 2007

Naim Amor is yet another one of Tucson’s great musical imports, and he travels all over the musical map with his jazz, rock, and indie-pop stylings. His latest album, Sanguine, was first released on the Atmospheriques label in Europe, but this Sunday (December 2nd) Club Congress will host the local release party for the new… Read more »

Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout – November 12, 2007

Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout have been entertaining Tucson music fans with their shock and awe campaign. The “awe” comes courtesy of proggy rhythms and hyperactive vocal stylings that fall somewhere between Mr. Bungle and Captain Beefheart. Meanwhile, the “shock” is evident to anybody that has ever happened to catch one of their live… Read more »

Brian Field, Courtney Robbins, Coyote Grace – October 29, 2007

Courtney Robbins hitched a ride with Coyote Grace earlier this year, and has been leading a nomadic lifestyle for much of the past few months, criss-crossing the U.S. performing shows together. She’s back in town for a week or two, culminating with a show this Friday (November 2nd) at The Hut with Coyote Grace, Brian… Read more »

Sleep Like Trees – October 22, 2007

Sleep Like Trees joins other local bands like West, North, and Saint Rorschach, as well as national bands like El Ten Eleven, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and Mono, in exploring the instrumental post-rock genre. In case you missed their appearance on the live segment of Locals Only, you can now download the entire set…. Read more »

Mozart’s Sister – October 15, 2007

In Tucson’s alternative rock music scene, dominated by male-fronted bands, Mozart’s Sister provides a breath of fresh air. This rockin’ power trio is nestled somewhere in that sweet spot between female-fronted 90′s alternative rock bands like Belly and Juliana Hatfield, and 80′s pop-rock like the Pretenders and the Motels. If you missed their recent appearance… Read more »

Days Unfold – October 8th, 2007

Although the performance was scheduled months ago, by the time it actually rolled around, the current incarnation of Days Unfold was seeing it’s final days. Soon after the recent release of their 2nd EP, Acceptance of a War Inside, frontman Jonas Black opted to leave the band to pursue other opportunities. By agreeing to fulfill… Read more »

Luca – October 1st, 2007

The CD release party for Fractions, the latest album from Funzalo recording artist Luca, takes place on Thursday, October 4th at Plush. But first, Luca made an appearance in KXCI’s Studio 2A, for a live performance and interview with Locals Only host Don Jennings. If you missed the performance when it aired on October 1st,… Read more »